Most Important WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin

For those of you who are familiar with WordPress would have been familiar with the term plugin. Moreover, you have a wordpress based website hosting itself.


Suppose you have a wordpress-based website with hosting their own (self-hosted). You have selected the theme  that you think fit the look (layout) that you want. You also have wrote some good quality contents posted in your website. Is your website are able to answer the following questions:

  • Does anyone visit your website? If there are, how many visitors per day?. Where the visitors come to your website? Are visitors came directly by typing the name of the website, or via referrer (you advertise), through social media (eg facebook, twitter, etc.) or through the search engines (eg Google, Yahoo, etc)?
  • If you frequently make changes to one of your content, then the history of any changes will be stored in the database. Eventually the database will swell and become inefficient. Obviously a large database will have an impact on the speed of your site. Is your site is equipped with the ability to dump this unnecessary?
  • How quickly a page on your website appears on the user screen? Users would have to move to another site if to display a page on your website takes too long.

Great site and healthy is not just concerned with display only. Though your website appearance very interesting (with a flashy graphic design) while almost no visitors?

The point having a website is to have visitors.

The following list of essential plugins that must exist on your wordpress based site. The following plugins will not affect on the visual display because this plugin work behind the scenes (background process).

Most Important WordPress Plugins

1. Plugin to manage a database

2. Plugins for SEO

3. Plugin for redirection

4. Plugin for cache

5. Plugin for linking related article automatically.

6. Plugin to minimize SPAM comments.


Plugins  above is mandatory for the health of your site. You can add a few more as a complement to suit your site. Some of them are:

8. Plugin for linking the site with Google Analytic

9. Plugin to view the status of visitors, connect with social media, CDN

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