Moslem wedding ceremony in Bali

Moslem wedding ceremony

Moslem wedding ceremony in Bali

All foreign marriage applicants are required to present a “Certificate of No Impediment” or similar document declaring ‘Freedom to Marry’ issued by their Consulate or Embassy representative within Indonesia.


Every nationality has different requirements and it is important that you advise us quickly if the above are not applicable.

It is also important for you to know that in Indonesia a legal Moslem marriage will be officiated only by the ‘KUA’ (Department of Religion) and does not involve the Civil Registry office.  The couple will therefore receive a Muslim Marriage Book (2 originals in fact) after their wedding ceremony but will not receive a Civil Certificate of Marriage or have the marriage registered in the Civil Registry Office.

Wedding organizer will provide services to assist if you require it however, to obtain a ‘statement’ issued by the Civil Registry office that your marriage has taken place under Indonesian Moslem Law and is considered to be a legal marriage.  There is a small fee for this service and we’ll give more information about that if you find it to be a requirement.

Better  you check with the various authorities in your home country whether the Marriage Book will be sufficient or whether you require the Civil Office letter as well to be considered legally married under local law.

In the case of Moslem couples it is necessary to visit the’KUA’ (Office of Religion) in Kuta one week prior to your wedding date. Here you will meet with the head of the Office of Religion who will sight all original documentation and discuss your forth coming marriage with you in advance of the ceremony. Should one of you not be of the Moslem faith, conversion of religion is a requirement and will be carried out here.

On the day of your wedding the head of the Office of Religion or one of his selected representatives will come to the site selected for your ceremony and officiate your legal Moslem marriage.

The Moslem marriage formalities generally take about 45 minutes.


Important Note About Bank Transfers

All bank fees for sending and receiving of payments due to Wedding organizer  are the responsibility of the clients.  It is strongly recommend that if paying by Telegraphic Transfer you ask your bank if they send the payment directly to our bank in Bali or use a clearing bank in Jakarta or elsewhere along the way.  Such clearing banks usually take additional fees (approx. US$35.00) per payment before sending the fee on to our account in Bali.  Any and all such fees deducted from our payment are to be reimbursed after your arrival in Bali.

Payments may also be made by Visa or MasterCard using a ‘Credit Card Mail Order Form’ if preferred however, an administration surcharge of 4% will be added to such payments.  We will send a Mail Order Form for completion.

Important Note about Cash in Bali

American Dollar banknotes issued on or before 1996 or those which are torn, stained, faded or damaged in any way will be rejected by all businesses in Bali. Banks and Money Changers are also unwilling to accept such notes and for this reason you are advised to bring only currency, which is in good condition and has been issued from 1997 onwards if you intend to settle any payments with American currency in Bali or consider traveling with Travelers’ Cheques to avoid any possibility of having your currency rejected in Bali.

Services provide by wedding organizer

Wedding organize will provides the following services ( fees applied):

  1. Give full details of requirements & procedures for both bride & groom nationalities.
  2. Accept your documentation, photographs etc. and check them to ensure they are as required and accurate.
  3. Complete & submit the application forms to the appropriate Authorities.
  4. Book & confirm your wedding ceremony on the date & at the time you have requested or as close as possible.
  5. Advise the KUA Officiant of any special requirements you may have such as special words you may wish to say to each other etc.
  6. Reconfirm all arrangements with both the authorities close to the date of the ceremony.
  7. Provide a ‘welcome letter’ explaining the procedures of your wedding day, ceremony etc. after you have arrived in Bali. We request you provide us with your arrival details and where you will be staying, so we may forward this information and have it waiting for you upon arrival.
  8. Provide a personal pre-wedding meeting   to discuss all aspects of your ceremony and celebrations. This meeting may take place any Monday to Friday between 9am – 12noon without prior appointment.  Other times however will require an appointment to ensure your consultant is available to meet with you when you visit.
  9. Attend your ceremony to ensure its smooth procedure and to act as coordinator between yourselves and the Officiant, Photographer and any other persons involved.
  10. Act as or arrange witnesses if you have no friends traveling with you. (Immediate family may not act as witnesses to your wedding).
  11. In order that you are aware from the outset of the requirements for proceeding with booking a legal Moslem Wedding Ceremony we now advise that we would need the following:
  12. Documentation required for application to the KUA Authorities :
    1. i.      Completed booking application forms
    2. ii.      Recommendation letter from KUA at place of residence.
    3. iii.      Completed form of Agreement by Bride & Groom for the marriage
    4. iv.      Completed form of Consent from Father, Grandfather, Uncle or Brother for the marriage to be performed by the KUA in Indonesia.
    5. v.      Photocopy of details page of passports
    6. vi.      Photocopy of birth certificates
    7. vii.      Photocopy of Divorce or Death certificate if either party previously married
    8. viii.      6 X photographs approx. passport sized (4x6cm) but taken horizontally of bride & groom together, head & shoulders only and looking straight ahead. The groom is required to wear a collar & sleeves and the bride may not have her shoulders exposed for these photographs. (Make these photographs as good as possible because they will be attached to your wedding certificates.)
    9. ix.      Additional required Photographs:<BR>4 prints – 3x 4 cm plus 2 prints – 2×3 cm THESE PHOTOGRAPHS SHOULD BE BLACK AND WHITE ( the 6 above may be in color ).
    10. x.      Photocopy of details page of passports of your two witnesses
    11. xi.      Important Note about Witnesses: Both witnesses to a Moslem wedding must be of the Moslem faith.  We can provide Moslem witnesses if you do not have any (who are not immediately family) traveling with you.

There are also a number of questions relating to bride, groom, parents of bride & groom and witnesses, which need to be answered.  These questions are detailed on our booking application forms which should be submitted once you have decided on the preferred date and place for your wedding.

All originals document must be brought to Bali

Wedding organizer will take care of every aspect of your wedding ceremony and can also provide a large range of other options, which you may or may not choose to utilize.  For these wedding organizer will advise the appropriate cost of any item selected (e.g.: catering, many types of music, various forms of entertainment etc) .

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